Time flies so fast!  It’s only 2 more weeks till BCNY.  It’s going to be the last minutes but I will post photos of outfits I’m going to bring to NY.  Please stay tuned!

I’m prepping the package at the moment.   I got a very special Vinyl Belly rubber stamps now.  I love how it turned out.  I love stamps.   It’s so much fun!  (It’s not time efficient for the packaging job though… OTL)  If you follow VB Facebook page, you might noticed that the logo is completed with uber talented friend’s calligraphy.  I love it so so much.  It wouldn’t look the same without it. Thanks Linda!


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The cat mask I’ve been working on is finally completed, ish.
I still need to add few things to make it wearable but this is how it’s going to look like.


I’ve been posting the process on my flickr and FB page.  Check it out if you’re interested :)  I followed traditional Venetian mask making method.  It’s even gold leafed!  (It made me sneezed a lot…)  Cats were considered as good luck/protection because Venice had a lot of plague in history that came from rats. I thought it’s really cool concept.  I would love to make more masks in different variations in the future.  It’s so fun!

I will bring 3 of Gatto (cat) masks to BCNY.  I still haven’t fully decided yet but I will probably take few more pre-orders to make up to the super limited availability.  I think.  It will be very limited either way though.

For now, I gotta go back to the sewing department. Time is flying by so fast!!  Hopefully I can stock up more. See you all in NY soon :)


I’m taking a short break from sewing but I’m making something new.  I’ve always wanted to make a Blythe-size Venetian mask for a while, so I started working on a prototype.  The first one is a cat!


I had an opportunity to research TONS! to make some human size animal mask last year.  It was so much work especially I sort of had a tight deadline as well.  But I feel like it’s finally paying off  because it’s much easier this time and to work on a mini size.  So far it’s coming along fast.

I still want to run more tests since this mask WILL scratch Blythe’s precious face plate if it’s worn as-is.  I don’t think I can use hard surface or I need to be more creative somehow.  I’m going to make a negative mold this week and I’m planning on trying out traditional Venetian mask making method.  Hope it works out… It’s still so much fun though <3

If everything works out, I will be adding Blythe-size Venetian masks to my “for sale” item list at BCNY.  Stay tuned and wish me luck!


Hello dolly lovers!  I’ve been busy prepping for BCNY2013.  October is still far away but for vendors it’s not :)  I recently found a project management app, which was exactly what I was looking for.  There are so many options out there, but none of them weren’t just right for me.  So I was spending quite some time looking for it!  Ever since then, my productivity went up!  Uhh, I love being organized.  It’s so worth it :)  Anyways, I’ve been sewing and sewing and sewing…  lots! every day.  This time I’m aiming more variety than quantities, but hopefully there will be many enough.  I’ll see.  It’s going well so far :)

If you follow Vinyl Belly’s FB page, you might’ve seen this photos already, but below is a sample photo of 3 dresses I’ll be donating to the event!

BCNY2013 Donation Dresses

Since some of you already asked me, these dresses are going to be donated to BCNY2013.  That means these dresses are going to be raffle prizes.  I’m not sure how much or if it’s going to be free to get a raffle ticket, but you will probably get one if you’re attending to the event.  And if you’re lucky, you will WIN a nice little creation from various artists.  If you end up getting mine, hope you enjoy it :)

I am planning on previewing all the sale items on the website, Flickr, and FB page once the event date gets close.  Stay tuned and if you have any questions, please let me know!



I’m updating a character/logo of vinyl belly.  This one will most likely a 2×2 sticker.

A lot to plan out before Blythe Con NY…



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