It’s been a while since last time I photographed my Blythe.  So here it is, my mini-me KT and mini Yoko.  They’re best friends!  (I believe it’s the same in real life too :D)  The weather’s been so nice here.  I should take more advantage to it more often.


Ever since I moved to Cali in the end of September last year, I’ve been incredibly busy.  Then I finally got to visit back Japan for new years.  Now I finally feel like I can start something!  I slowly started sewing again, I’m pulling out my camera equipments, I’m sorting which Blythe I’m going to custom… and so on.  And yes, I MUST finish my BJD!  There are so much I want to do as always but I would like to complete one by one slowly but surely this year.


Hi everyone, hope your holiday was great! I’ve just came back from my homeland, Japan.  It was super nice to visit my family and friends.  Full of true awesomeness!

I didn’t go too too crazy this time on dolly shopping (I think!) but I managed to swing by my favorite vintage toy store in Nakano.  I’ve been on a hunt for one of Chibikko series.  I honestly didn’t think it’d be available but here she was.   I didn’t need to think twice.  I HAD TO take her home!

Here is my newest addition – Kuro-chan mate, Nuts-chan.

Now I have 3 Ton-chan heads.  Totally sweet!
From the left to right, Ton-chan, Mistery Ton-chan (No reference found), Nuts-chan.

It’s a good start of 2013 so far :)


I’ve been dolly purchase sober for a bit, but I finally did it again!
I’m flying to Japan in a bit over 2 weeks, so it’s not very smart timing to purchase something vintage from Japan through Malaysian dealer.  Ho boy.

Totally no regrets though.  She is soooooooo perfect.  Can’t wait to meet her in person!  (Which will be after new years… )


So I finally made it to California!  I’m still SO busy shuffling things with work, unpacking, and re-organizing home, blah-blah, but I started feeling like settling down now.  Slowly but surely.  My craft room is almost ready to go too.  I can’t wait to start working on my projects again!

Today I went to my first Blythe meet here in San Francisco.  It was a pure awesomeness!  I’ve been so busy taking care of not-so-fun stuff for a long time, so I really really needed this.  It was also my first day wondering off to an unfamiliar place in the new town.  Taken a BART alone and figuring out how to get to the place… felt like I’m a 8-year-old kid again :D

I was so excited to meet everyone there!  So amazing to hang out with new friends with same hobby.  All of them were so fun to talk to so time went by soooooo fast.

Halloween is my favorite evet of the year.  And that was combined with a Blythe meet.  How cool is that!?  

More photos on my flickr :)


It’s been way too long since I updated here last time.  Well, I’ve been busy and yes I know it’s a lame excuse.  Time’s flying by like crazy.  I’m going to have another business trip starting next week, and then when I come back in Aug that’ll be it!  - Finally moving down to California.

Lately I’ve just finished 2 Momoko and 1 Blythe custom commissions.  The photo below is a custom Paradise Girl for Kathy.  It’s always a pleasure to work on a tanned skin girl.  I just loooove tanned Blythe so much :)

I’m going to close any custom commission services for a while until my move to the U.S. completes.  I’m still finding out the detail but when everything goes as we planned originally I’ll be settling down in San Francisco area around October.  It’s a big change for me after living in Vancouver for 13 years.  I’m definitely going to miss here but I’m also very excited for my new adventure.



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