Finally I found my dream redhead. I still have to fix her lips and all, but she’s pretty much perfect.  Her eye chips are all so shinny that don’t even look like vintage.  I can’t complain.  Happy, day.





Is everybody enjoying a holiday?

I finally finished my latest custom girl.

She use to be a Mrs. Retro Mama.  She’s fully re-rooted with cotton pink saran hair.  Her “look” is inspired by Marie Antoinette.  She comes with 6 outfits in a set.  (From the head to toes: a Hat, a Perl choker with swarovski crystal, a Corset, a Dress, a pair of Bloomers, a pair of Socks)

Cute, right? I really love her too :D

You can find her on ebay now and if you would like to see more photos, please visit my flickr! I really hope that she finds a nice new home where she can eat nothing but cakes :P


I never thought I’d get one of these Middie sized Blythe.  As I browse through a lot of beautiful customized Middies, I started itching.  That was it.  Here it is, my first custom Middie Blythe!

The base doll is Little Lily Brown.  She was kept as a default for about 15 min or so… and then I was on it literary like a mad scientist who’s just found a new test subject.

It was really fun understanding how Middie Blythe is different from Neo Blythe.  It’s pretty well designed over all except the neck joint, which looks pretty ugly from certain angles.  It’s smaller size but I think it would be a easier material to custom for the people who are a bit intimidated by Neo Blythe.

I’m totally sold on it :P


Dolly garage sale is now happening online.

My paypal shopping cart wasn’t quite working right, so if you’re interested in adopting any of the vintage dollies listed on my shop page, please contact me with your shipping information.  I will reply to you as soon as I can!

All the dollies are sold “as is”.  Some of them are quite dirty so most of them are ideal for those of you who want get a joy out of fixing-them-up.  They’re perfect for customization base dolls :)

I will keep the list up on my shop page for a while.


I hosted a dolly garage sale & tea party at my place in Vancouver on Saturday.  It was so much fun organizing and prepping!  Nothing beats getting together with my local dolly friends and eating yummy deserts.  I think the event was a success!  It was a great time :)



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